UltraFast Internet Service for Your Community

The time is here. ISP Version X. Tired of the so called “High Speed” internet? Top Internet engineers and network specialists are building the ISP Networks of the Future. UltraFast Internet is here.

Ultra Speed Internet

Users have become complacent and haven’t demanded better internet access. ISP or Internet Service Providers have sat back and collected state and federal funds but have done very little to enhance or build out the internet. Hence, our present day sludge of internet connectivity. UltraFast internet is here. CLEARnode, utilizing cutting edge technologies and top network engineers with over 100 years of experience bring you the most advanced networks in the country. Pushing the envelope.  Forcing the CLECS, Utility ISP Providers, Cable Access providers to either improve or move ahead or get out of the game.  The time is now, with COVID demonstrating that remote access and employment are going to be the key to the future. UltraFast Internet will be the new foundation. It will become the new base model for Internet Access Providers. Speed, connectivity and collective bandwidth exceeding todays offerings by more than double.

Geo-Location Service Lookups

Your community or municipality will have instant access to coverage areas offered in your community.  A simple Geo-Location button prominently displayed on your new ISP page will transport users that may input their address,  the mapping system will identify the service and services all available at that specific location. Services can be ordered directly on line by the customer.  The best part is for those customers that are not covered and no access available, our system collects this information and allows us to plan and prepare to roll out services in those areas most needed and access can be deployed quickly.  Ask for a demonstration of this feature.

Complete Billing Management

CLEARnode offers counties and municipalities complete turnkey systems for offering access in your specific areas.  Rather than have piecemeal internet offerings with one being worse than the next CLEARnode brings cash flow back to your community. Keeping the money in the community.  Complete total Billing Management from any access point in your county or municipality. We turn the model around from companies coming in and taking your money out to your existing client base to now keep those dollars local. This is a HUGE turn of events.  Current providers do very little to upgrade or enhance existing networks, if your community owns the network and client money is kept in the system, upgrades and enhancements will happen automatically. Not a 5 or 10 year wait.

24x7 Technical Support

CLEARnode designs and builds your complete MESH network that creates a canopy over your community.  Super Geek technical engineers watch and manage the network 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.  Utilizing fully meshed, redundant, and self healing network technologies down time is nonexistent to the end user. If one point goes down the network self heals and continues to operate until such time it can be repaired. Seems like magic, but it is simply world class network engineers doing what they do best. Potential problems are anticipated and resolved before they become major issues. Being proactive is the name of the game. Our engineers don’t wait until 50 calls come in to tell us the network is down. Our number one goal is that no customer ever needs to call in because service is out. Our engineers can replace servers and components while the network is live and functioning without every bringing it all down.  This is how the network should operate, this is how CLEARnode operates.

Ultrafast Internet Service for Your Community

UltraFast means not waiting for your pages or video to fluctuate.  With our built in Communities you have local access at your fingertips.