Who We Are

CLEARnode is a collection of Top Internet and Network engineers that have experience working with the internet going back pre 80’s. Building literally thousands of networks, laying literally thousands and thousands of miles of cable and hundreds of routers.  Some of our people were there during the first peering and transit agreements in Chicago at the NAP.  We bring you ISP X. Taking Internet Service Providers to the next level of the NET.  Our founder built the very first Internet Provider that was fully 100% wireless in the United States.

We bring network experience to the table.  It is necessary at this point to provide better access than is currently being offered.  We are here to demonstrate how all the technologies can flow to meet the promise of the vision of the net.

Utilizing the most advanced wireless MESH technologies, Fiber, and many other connectivity methods CLEARnode brings the Internet to your community like no other in the industry.

Our People

Network Engineers going back in time some of the first wireless networks in the country.

Our Perspective

We come from a long background going back to the late 80’s with our first community based BBS systems.


Our founders built the first 100% wireless ISP in the country.


We proudly use Cambium Networks, wireless based products.